New Year, New Beer

Posted on January 17, 2014 by Doug Walker

We’ve got a lot to be excited about for the New Year. Not only do I truly believe the next beer lineups will be the best we’ve ever had, but we’re also inches away from a new kitchen which is a total game changer. I’d love to talk more about the kitchen but I’ll save the details until I have more information.



Back to the beer. I’m excited because we’ve got something for everyone. These next lineups will be full of awesome local beer and also foreign, exotic beer that we don’t get to see very often. Currently, from Belgium, you will find the delicious Troubadour Blonde Ale and the rich and complex Kasteel Donker that has only been growing in strength (11% abv originally) having aged since 2009! Our next sour beer, which also happens to be from Belgium, is f’ing incredible. The keg release was extremely limited and we were lucky enough to get our hands on some. Look out for De Proefbrouwerij’s Reinaert Flemish Wild Ale. If you appreciate sour beer like I do, you won’t think twice about coming here once it’s on tap. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @Preserve_Public_House and Facebook because you won’t want to miss these beers.



The local beers are also cause to smile. Berryessa Brewing Company just hooked us up with their brand new Imperial Pale Ale, not to be confused with India Pale Ale, called the Winters Pale Ale. This strong pale ale comes in at 7% and is truly amazing; the aftertaste will leave you pondering Cotton Candy? We also have their Tourist Trap Tripel waiting in line. This beer is extremely dangerous and almost too good to be true. It’s 10% and goes down like orange juice on a Sunday morning.



A few more beers I’m really excited about hail from AleSmith and Evil Twin. From AleSmith we have 1 of the best West Coast IPA’s of all time, AleSmith IPA, and also Speedway Stout, a 12% Imperial Stout, that I’ve never been able to get a hold of in keg form. Lastly, from Evil Twin, we’ve finally got another keg of Lil B. There’s nothing Lil about Lil B. This 11.5% Imperial Porter is richer than Oprah and tastier than grandma’s brownies.




Don’t forget our Botteshop is stocked full of excellent beer available to be taken home for your enjoyment. Some specific beers we have that are most likely sold out everywhere else are the Firestone Walker XVII Anniversary Ale and Velvet Merkin, and also FiftyFifty’s Evan Williams Barrel-Aged Eclipse. I’m also working on some Beer Events for the upcoming months so don’t forget to check back in with us. The beginning of February looks like it’s going to be our first Brewery event of the year. More details to come.



Cheers and Happy New Years,

Preserve gets... Better

Posted on September 19, 2013 by Doug Walker

We've talked about it, explored the idea like Magellan, no, Cortés, Hérnan Cortés, and we're finally ready to say Preserve proudly presents its very own BOTTLESHOP.
We've taken baby steps thus far, but our BOTTLESHOP is on the verge of blossoming in to a large Magical Garden of tasty beers. The direction we're headed is rooted in beers that age well. That means you'll encounter various Belgian styles, sours, anniversary, seasonal and barrel-aged beers but that's not to say you won't also find 6 and 12 packs of American goodness perfect for the Football Season.


Many of these so-called beers that "Age to Perfection" ain't from 'round hea, but here at Preserve we're fond of the local things. That means we'll do our due diligence to also highlight local beers in the bottleshop. Assuming these beer styles won't age as well (Pale ales, IPAs) we'll just have to make sure to push those beers as fast as possible because we would never want to sell anyone a bad brew.

From here on out, you can enjoy a delicious pizza, BLT or anything Preserve Public House has to offer, then cruise into the Bottleshop, grab some fancy beer and take them to your private house. Can or bottle, import or export, make sure you can import yourself into our craft beer Bottleshop to take home some amazing beer. 

Earthquake Cask

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Doug Walker

Cask you say firkin?!

In 2 weeks, we'll be having our first cask ever at Preserve! For those of us who don't know what a cask is, it is what is referred to as "Real Ale" over in the United Kingdom. Cask ale is unfiltered and unpasteurized beer that undergoes another "conditioning" fermentation in the Firkin, different than the traditional kegs we're used to in the US. Inside the firkin, sugar and extra ingredients are added which allows the beer to further ferment, resulting in a beer slightly higher in alcohol percentage and a silkier, softer mouthfeel, and a flavor profile that many agree to just be better.

Friday, August 23nd, which just happens to be Earthquake Festival, we'll be pouring the casked version of Firestone Walker's Union Jack IPA. Union Jack is undoubtedly one of the best IPAs on the planet. It has a rating of 99 pts and has won the festival of festival's (Great American Beer Fest) Gold medal in the American IPA category in consecutive years (2008, 2009). Union Jack is the perfect IPA, dry hopped three separate times and bursting with citrus aromatics,  putting it on cask makes it just a smidge more perfect. 

Don't forget to stop by Preserve Public House, Friday, August 23rd at 5:00pm to enjoy the casket version of Union Jack. The thing about cask ales is they're not brewed to last and generally sell out in hours! Come in early to secure your pint, or pints, of Union Jack!


Marin Brewing Company

Posted on August 11, 2013 by Doug Walker

Marin Brewing Co.

Meet the Brewer Thursday, August 22nd. I had to mention that first, now the entertaining stuff.

     A diamond in the smooth. What that means is Marin Brewing Company is a gem in a beautiful area that I regret waiting 24 years to finally visit. Situated along the picturesque San Francisco Bay sits a top notch Brewpub in Marin Brewing Company. It's somewhat hidden by a slough of businesses in an upscale strip mall. To find our way, we actually had to flag down an older, more experienced gentleman sporting what I assume to be his 6th grade P.E. shorts, an outdated navy blue Old Navy Puffy Jacket circa 1999  and a fitted Detroit Tigers ball cap. Lucky for us, he took a break from smoking his loosy in front of that Courtyard Marriot to chat us up. Whomever you are Sir, thank you for doing America right and steering us in the right direction. 
     Our good friend, Marin Brewing Co manager Rogé set up this whole shindig. We all thought it'd be a splendid idea to visit Marin before our upcoming Beer event on Thursday August 22nd where brewmaster Arne Johnson is coming to speak about beer and the 4 very special beers he's bringing. The rare beers hardly ever seen outside of the brewpub will be the Mariner Weisse (a Berliner Weisse that's just a hint untraditional), White Knuckle Double IPA, 3 Flowers Rye, and the very special Bourbon Barrel Aged 2012 Old Dipsea. I still don't know how we pulled off getting that beer, but trust me, it's special. All the beers are extraordinary, I'm just shocked there was some draft Barrel Aged Old Dipsea they were able to shell over to us.

    Back to the field trip. These folks definetly know how to make you feel at home. Brewmaster Arne Johnson met us out front and showed us straight to the bar where he was glad to pour us his freshly tapped Berliner Weisse, aka Mariner Weisse, in the Cuvée Rogé glass named after the one and only... Rogé. This slightly sour wheat beer was spot on, it may have differed slightly from the traditional Berliner Weisse but this is the Bay Area, not Berlin! In my humble opinion, Marin's Berliner Weisse is the best version I've had in the good ole US of A to date.

      A traditional Berliner Weisse is a cloudy, sour wheat beer low in alcohol, generally the 3 to low 4% range. The taste is amazing, refreshing, crisp and extremely drinkable. It has the smooth wheat body, but a nice hint of tartness from the lactobacillus. Fermentation technique and the slightly higher ABV (4.9%) set this apart from the traditional version. 

We sat comfortably at the bar tasting all that Marin had to offer, I mean researching, while Arne was cleaning some tanks. From Mariner Weisse I went to the Marin Brewing Co IPA which was once again amazing, the common trend of all of Arne's beers. Nice, hoppy, just under 7% and what really stuck out to me was the touch of English malt that gave this IPA just the perfect amount of biscuity backbone to balance out this delicious IPA. After that I moved on to the darker beers; the San Quentin Breakfast Stout and the Point Reyes Porter. Now these beers, along with basically all of Marin's beers, have more medals than Michael Phelps. The Point Reyes Porter alone has taken GABF Gold in 2009 and 2007, Silver in 93 and 91 and Bronze in 95. We'll only mention one more festival, the World Beer Championships (to keep this short) where it took Gold in 2010 and 1998 and Silver in 2000. The San Quentin Breakfast Stout took GABF Gold in 1989, Silver in 2009 and Bronze in 2006and WBC Gold in 2010 and 2002 and Silver in 1998. It's not boasting if it's objective fact, I was just setting the record straight for those that don't known. 

After ample "research" Arne gave us the full tour of the brewery. We checked out the tanks, filter room, serving room, grain silo, and went all the way to the back where the bottling line and barrels are, that's right, barrels! What a great style of beer aging to perfection in the back, I can't wait to try it!

Our trip to Marin was awesome and their brewmaster Arne Johnson is a brewer's brewer. At times he was speaking a foreign language when he was breaking pressures down into volumes and going through fermentations, but the good people of Marin Brewing Company took care of us and gave us the special treatment. If you are intrigued by beer, do yourself a favor and come to Preserve on Thursday, August 22nd anytime after 6 o'clock.

No bottles of Grand Cru were harmed in the process. 

Oysters Oldies and Coldies

Posted on August 08, 2013 by cole Ogando

Chief Preserve negotiator Anton Ogando trades Andrew Mariani of Scribe some oysters for a keg of Scribe. Good Deal!

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